When one wants to be skilful in politics, he reads more and probably practises in politics. When we want to be expert at cooking, we seek knowledge, we discuss, and ask questions about cooking. Unfortunately, there is one essential aspect of our lives that appears to be neglected or less talked about.

That is personal financeA subject rarely taught in the classrooms.

From the basic to tertiary education level, I hardly recall any teacher or lecturer officially delivering lectures on how we should manage our finances. Our society has shaped us in such a way that it feels awkward and uneasy to talk about money even though it is an essential aspect in our day to day activities. Discussing about money has been nearly perceived as a taboo. Of course, we’ve been showered with statements such as ‘money is the root of all evil’ even though we handle money on a daily basis. This has left many of us with deficient knowledge when it comes to money matters.


The aim of Sikasem blog is to update and educate people, especially the youth, on the need to manage and take control of their personal finance. Focusing on personal experience as well as knowledge from the literature, it is the hope of Sikasem blog that readers get motivated on many aspects of personal finance. These entail budgeting, savings, investments, financial independence, retirement planning, etc.

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